IRWA North Star Chapter 20 is the premier organization for right of way professionals in the State of Minnesota. IRWA Chapter 20 brings together public and private sector right of way professionals from all around the Midwest and beyond, facilitating diverse educational experiences, exciting professional opportunities, valuable networking time, and even a little fun.

Chapter 20 hosts bi-monthly meetings, educational courses, and networking opportunities designed to provide our members with the tools and resources needed to become and remain leaders in the right of way field.

To become an official member of the IRWA and IRWA Chapter 20 and take full advantage of the benefits we have to offer, check out the Membership Application Form on our website or contact us for more information.

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July 29th Board Meeting & Member Luncheon

The July 29th Board Meeting & Member Luncheon.

Lunch is FREE to all members. Members can click here to register.

The fee for non-members is ($18).

IRWA Chapter 20 Sponsorship Packages

IRWA Chapter 20 is EXCITED to announce our sponsorship packages for 2015-2016! Sponsorship of Chapter 20 will afford your company a unique opportunity to showcase your services to hundreds of professionals in all facets of the right of way industry.

NEW THIS YEAR: As a Sponsor, much of the money you donate will go directly back to the members, not just reducing the cost for the member luncheons but also directly supporting the growth of our Chapter by investing in our Young Professionals, helping them become valuable members and develop into Chapter 20 Leadership! You will be sponsoring a portion of the cost for a Young Professional to attend the Young Professionals Symposium in conjunction with the IRWA Annual Education Conference. You will also be contributing to scholarship(s) for student(s) from the Real Estate and Land Survey majors at St. Cloud State University. This will not only provide the student with a valuable contribution to their education but also with networking opportunities after becoming a student member of Chapter 20, perhaps even a right of way career in the Real Estate or Land Surveying field. Gaining new, young members will help our Chapter grow membership and add value and opportunity to our existing members by keeping us integrated with the younger generation.

As a Sponsor, you will also be afforded a designated number of free lunch vouchers based on your sponsorship level to be used at the meeting you are sponsoring.

We have also added a Bronze level to our Sponsorship Packages! We are working hard to fit the needs of every company in this organization, big or small, and give you the opportunity to take advantage of some great advertising opportunities!

Sponsorship package selection will be available via Chapter 20’s website for a limited time only starting Friday, June 19, 2015 through July 19, 2015.

A limited number of packages are available for purchase at the top two sponsorship levels Platinum & Gold. The first company to select and pay for their preferred package is the first to get it- it is a race to the finish line! Last year the packages sold out quickly - don’t miss this valuable opportunity!

Please contact the Chapter 20 Advertising Committee for additional information. Thank you!

Platinum Level Package
Gold Level Package
Silver Level Package
Bronze Level Package

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Download 2015-2016 Sponsorship Package

Upcoming Education:

Questions Regarding Education:

Mindy J. Leadholm

651-430-4361 (office)
651-470-7754 (cell)
651-430-4350 (fax)

Professional Development Corner:

Aimie Mims – R/W-NAC
Penny Rolf – R/W-NAC
Penny Rolf – R/W-RAC
Ben Barker – R/W-NAC
Ben Barker – R/W-RAC

Toshana Barthel - RWA
Tom Dickson - RWA
Christopher Rogers - RWA
Ben Barker - SR/WA

Rachel Dzruck - RWA

Tamara Leinweber – RWA
Toshana Barthel - RWA (Pending)
Aimie Mims – SR/WA
Penny Rolf - SR/WA
Ben Barker - SR/WA (Pending)
Chad Peterson – R/W-AMC
Suzanne Loretta - R/W-AC
Ben Barker - NAC (Pending)
Penny Rolf - NAC (Pending)
Aimie Mims - NAC (Pending)
Ben Barker - RAC (Pending)
Penny Rolf - RAC (Pending)

Bradley Weidenfeller – SR/WA

Trevor Seely – RWP
Toshana Barthel – RWA
Christopher Rogers – RWA

Tamara Leinweber – RWA
Thomas Dickson – RWA
Bryan Kruger – RWA
Matthew Hagelin – SR/WA
Ben Barker – NAC
Penny Rolf – NAC
Ben Barker – RAC
Penny Rolf – RAC

Questions Regarding Certification:

Greg Cooley, PDC Chair
320-250-2665 (office)