IRWA North Star Chapter 20 is the premier organization for right of way professionals in the State of Minnesota. IRWA Chapter 20 brings together public and private sector right of way professionals from all around the Midwest and beyond, facilitating diverse educational experiences, exciting professional opportunities, valuable networking time, and even a little fun.

Chapter 20 hosts bi-monthly meetings, educational courses, and networking opportunities designed to provide our members with the tools and resources needed to become and remain leaders in the right of way field.

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Minneapolis Selected by IGC to Host the IRWA Education Conference in 2020!

At the IRWA Board of Directors Meeting in June this year in Hartford, Connecticut, the IRWA Board of Directors selected Portland, Oregon as the host location for IRWA’s 2019 Annual International Education Conference. The final selection came after four rounds of dead heat voting where Portland and Minneapolis each received 50 percent of the vote. On the fifth vote, the IRWA Board of Directors selected Portland as the 2019 site by a margin of seven votes.

Given that half of IRWA’s Board Members selected Minneapolis during four rounds of voting, the International Governing Council (IGC) received many comments from Board Members that they would like the IGC to consider naming Minneapolis as the 2020 host location. In light of the timely nature of the request, and due to the immediacy created because the Minneapolis proposal’s pricing and dates were only valid until July 31, 2014, the IGC met on Tuesday, July 9, 2014 to take up this single issue item, in accordance with IRWA Bylaws. Following full discussion and a number of actions, the IGC approved a motion to make Minneapolis, Minnesota the 2020 host location for the IRWA Annual International Education Conference by a vote of 14 to 1.

Because of this action, there will be no chapter bids presented at the 2015 Board of Directors meeting. Bidding will resume at the 2016 Board of Directors meeting.

IRWA Chapter 20 is BEYOND excited with this decision and thanks our members, region, and supporters! Without the support or our sponsors, our efforts would not have been possible. A special thanks to these companies for their sponsorship and continued support within our great Region.

Briggs and Morgan, P.A.Midwest Right of Way Services, Inc.
Enbridge EnergProSource Technologies, Inc.
Evergreen Land ServicesSRF Consulting Group
HDR, Inc.Stern & Anderson PA
JCG Land Services, Inc.Twin Peaks Field Services, Inc.
L.D. Martin & Associates, Ltd.Wilson Development Services
LHB, Inc.WSB & Associates, Inc.
Melissa WurtzXcel Energy

Chapter 20 looks forward to hosting the Annual Education Conference in 2020!

March Board & Member Meeting

IRWA Chapter 20 March Board Meeting & Member Luncheon
Brought to you by our Gold Sponsor WSB!

When: Wednesday, March 18th, 2015
Board Meeting - 10:00am – 11:30am
Member Meeting - 11:30am – 1:00pm

Where: WSB & Associates, Inc.
701 Xenia Avenue South, Suite 300 Minneapolis, MN 55416

Topic: Body Talk for ROW Professionals
Mazie Leftwich, Psy.D.
Senior Vice President
CLS Professional Development Institute

Dr. Mazie Leftwich, Sr. VP of Contract Land Staff, LLC (CLS), a nationwide Land Management and Right-of-Way consulting company, is a nationally recognized Speaker and Workshop Leader. Dr. Leftwich is the Officer in Charge of the CLS Professional Development Institute and has been the catalyst behind CLS's extensive employee training, team-excellence programs, and the first university-based Right of Way Certificate Program at the University of Houston/Downtown College of Business.

Dr. Leftwich is an IRWA Certified Communication Instructor. A Gulf Coast Chapter 8 – Region 2 IRWA member for over 20+ years, she has provided training for numerous national and international energy companies, as well as non-profit organizations, various IRWA events and conferences, and has often been a presenter at a number of Energy Industry Conferences throughout the United States. Dr. Leftwich has written for numerous newspapers and magazines – most recently penned the regular column ROW Therapy for the IRWA Magazine.

Dr. Leftwich combines her communication skills, her business acumen, 30 years of clinical expertise, her knowledge of relationship and organizational dynamics, a sense of humor and a joy for presenting creative, informative, fun-filled workshops and classes.

Upcoming Education:

Course 105 - The Uniform Act

Course 200 - Principles of Real Estate Negotiation

Course SR/WA Study Session & Comprehensive Exam

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Mindy J. Leadholm

651-430-4361 (office)
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Trevor Seely – RWP
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Tamara Leinweber – RWA
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Matthew Hagelin – SR/WA
Ben Barker – R/W-NAC
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Sean Lawler – RWA
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Randall Phillips – SR/WA
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Chris Rogers – R/W-AC

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Aimie Mims - RWP

Matthew Hagelin – RWA
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Lisa Beckman – R/W NAC

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Greg Cooley, PDC Chair
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